Digital Universe was founded to develop new ways to accelerate innovation in crypto currencies, open assets and smart contracts. We’ve come together because we believe in the potential of bitcoin and blockchain technology to have a significant, positive social impact.

As Bitcoin veterans who implemented various Bitcoin community projects since 2014. Together they also founded the successful online Stores on Global Marketplaces. In his professional career Tim runs the Tech Side of the Company and works together with a lot of the most reputable brands around the globe. Kate enjoys to trade the financial markets professionally in different underlyings. The establishment of Digital Universe was the next step after years of successful collaboration in various projects. Their current project is to offer low cost mining solutions with extremely low cost electricity, and aims to disrupt mining solutions of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We believe in trustless and
permissionless innovation

In the grand tradition of TCP/IP and HTTP that gave rise to the Open Internet, and now underpin Bitcoin and blockchain technology, we aim to foster an ecosystem where new innovation can thrive. We seek to ensure developers, asset issuers and users have neutral and cryptographically-assured computing technology for all their financial needs.

We believe in fairness, openness
and accountability

We want to power interoperable markets that are fair and accountable. Openness, accountability and public ledgers should be the norm and should not require users to sacrifice privacy. We seek to empower users with trustable and secure financial mechanisms via public auditability of their transaction history without disclosing more than is necessary for the integrity of the blockchain.

We’re in this together

We believe there is an important need for a technology that can accelerate the evolution of crypto currency, open assets and smart contracts. We are a private company with a very public mission: the transformation of technologies of trust for the benefit of all.