World’s Largest Asset Manager BlackRock Is Exploring Bitcoin

The floodgates could be about to open in the cryptocurrency market. BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm, with $6.3 trillion in assets under management, is exploring bitcoin. The firm reportedly has established a working group to determine opportunities surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, according to Financial News London.

The reaction is twofold. If BlackRock can do for bitcoin what it did for exchange-traded funds (ETFs), as the firm is largely responsible for opening up nearly every American’s 401(k) plan to ETFs, this would be a complete game-changer for cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, BlackRock chief Larry Fink in 2017 characterized bitcoin as an “index of money laundering.” What a difference a year can make.

Bitcoin Futures

Based on the report in Financial News, BlackRock has tapped various individuals from the company to comprise the blockchain exploratory group. This group is being spearheaded by Terry Simpson, a multi-asset strategist for the firm. Simpson and the team are expected to research ways in which BlackRock could benefit from bitcoin — specifically bitcoin futures — and share those findings with the senior management team, which would include Mr. Fink.

Incidentally, now that Ethereum is clear of being designated as a security, reports suggest that  ETH futures could be on the horizon.

BlackRock is also interested in gauging the temperature of its rivals that are participating in the space. JPMorgan has an asset management arm and the firm has a blockchain business. Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan CEO, also previously dissed bitcoin, similar to BlackRock’s Fink. For BlackRock to jump into bitcoin futures could bolster liquidity in the market and invite other asset-management firms to enter the space.

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, as it’s early days for BlackRock’s crypto committee. But clearly, there is enough potential opportunity on the institutional investment side for the firm to take these next steps. With the rise of custody solutions from the likes of leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, it’s only a matter of time before hedge funds and other big investors jump in.

The development comes in the midst of a mini-rally in the broader cryptocurrency market, one that has been led by the No. 5 cryptocurrency by market cap, EOS, which is currently advancing nearly 9%. The rally has also bolstered the Ethereum price to within reach of $500.

It’s unclear if the BlackRock development is what turned the markets around, but given the influential nature of the world’s largest asset manager, it’s certainly contributing to the positive sentiment among crypto market participants after last week’s disappointing showing.