How to power the AntMiner S9 with the Bitmain APW3++ at 110v-120v.

The S9 is rated to consume up to 1200-1400 Watts depending on the model (at the wall, with AC/DC 93% efficiency, 25C ambient temp). Depending on the batch of S9 miner, and your electrical setup, it could be 1300 Watts or more at the wall.

While the 1600w BITMAIN APW3++ power supply is a great choice for this miner, it only outputs 1600W when operates at 205v+ or higher voltage. (It does work well at 220v).

If you only have access to standard household power outlets (110v-115v) you can not use the above PSU. Many users have been asking for the option to power this miner at lower voltage 110-115v standard power outlets with the APW3++. We have a solution, that has been tested and works.

We recommend 1.5 PSU units per miner, and to fully accommodate the 10 PCI-E plugs on the S9, this means that 3 PSU’s can run 2 x S9’s

The connections should be made for one PSU on the first 2 hash boards, and the second PSU on the third hash board and controller.

Note: It’s always best to have extra wattage for efficiency, head-room and long equipment lifespan.

Please contact us directly for advice and setup instructions if you have any questions. Please follow manufacturer recommendations for the power setup and power-on sequence described in the user manual on page 4. Electrical safety is important!

Please view the AntMiner S9 user manual here: ANTMINER S9 Manual (User Guide) – PDF – English – CLICK HERE